Thursday, September 6, 2007

More to come . . sorry

So I didnt have a lot of time to upload these last blogs or many pics but hopefully I will find some more time this week. Also, I know it looked like Hurricane Felix completely destroyed all of Honduras, but I am far enough in the country that all we got was rain and some wind. really, the worst damage that the hurricane did was it cancelled school and so we couldn`t do our charla on trash management. LOl Take care and I will try to write again soon!


michelle paniccoli said...

hH courtney, I am an American ,I own a small private bilingual school. in Tulian, omoa cortes, Honduras. We are looking for voulenteers, to teach in our school. Could you help me? Thank you , We would like to invite you to our school, to speak to our students.
Please e-mail me a.s.a.p.

dad said...

Courtney, mom and I have read your blog at grandma Carol's and we all had fun reading it.We're glad you are learning and doing a lot to help the farms in your area. we are glad you did not get hit hard by Felix. Your blogs are always upbeat and interesting to read. Love, mom and dad