Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shade visits

I would like to give a shout out to Shade and say thanks so much for coming to visit me! Even though the visit was short (three days) it was great getting to see you and to show you around my site. I’m glad you passed by while traveling through Central America and I hope you didn’t get scabies and that your scorpion sting is better. (As a side note, the scorpion sting did not happen here in Nueva Esperanza).

So to update the rest of you, Shade is a friend from California who I met in Australia. We haven’t seen each other since Australia which means we never have actually met up in the states, I just realized. After being a little stressed out with graduating from USC and not knowing what that next step in life was going to be, she decided to take a trip and visit people throughout Central America. And her last stop was here in Honduras.

Having Shade here was a nice change and also a wake up call for me that I have lived alone and without having to entertain anyone straight from the US in a long, long time. Before her arrival, I hadn’t planned anything for us to do besides visit a few people in my site because my idea was that we could just chill and hang out. When she came though, I suddenly shot into panic mode. I thought about our lifestyle differences at this point and started to worry that I hadn’t prepared properly. We were going to have to wait for a ride to my site which can take anywhere from ten minutes to three hours, was that cool? There’s only a curtain to my bathroom, is that not enough privacy? There’s not much to do as far as entertainment in Nueva Esperanza, should we stay in Gracias where there’s more to do? I don’t have a refrigerator so nothing is cold, and eggs don’t have to be refrigerated, is that gross? I realized I hadn’t even prepared my apartment for two people. I only own two bowls and when I dropped one, I was so scared that it had broken because that would mean we would have to take turns eating! Everything worked out fine though and it was great seeing someone familiar for a change.


Shade said...

I was so sad when I read your latest note and I wasnt in it, but then I realised I had a note all to myself . Wo0t. I had a great time visiting you. Dont worry about a thing. Im so use to traveling that nothing fazes me

Shade said...

oh, and I went to UCSD