Saturday, June 28, 2008

Celaque . . . finally!

For my birthday, my friend Rachel and I went up Celaque, the tallest mountain in Honduras. We did an 8 hour hike (10 hours in total including the trek up to the Visitor’s Center) and reached the second highest peak on Celaque, at 2,300 meters. Because we went a few days after Hurricane Alma hit, it was VERY wet and slippery. I ended up falling twice and we were stumped for about 20 minutes when we had to cross a part of the river that had risen so high we couldn’t find a way across. Here are some photos of the hike.

The start of the trail, the water was soooo high!

Rachel and me

The view at 2,300 meters


Strange plant

Taking a break

Crazy vegetation!

Crossing bridge on the way back

Visitor Center in construction, a wall made form plastic bottles. Yay recycling!

Worker making wall from bottles filled with sand

A large grasshopper on our hotel door

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