Thursday, January 8, 2009

September 15 - Honduras Independence Day

So September 15th is Independence Day and everyone celebrates from early in the morning to the end of the day when the flag is taken down and the whole community goes on a march. I was in training last year so this was my first Independence Day celebration in Nueva Esperanza. The kids in the schools started practicing marching a month before and in La Campa and Gracias you can hear all the bands practicing the drums for the marching.

"Tiros" or slingshot competition keeps the men entertained until the end of the day

The target for the slingshot competition

Traditional Lencan dances are some of the entertainment

In the morning, there is a program with dancing and performances by whoever wants to participate. In the afternoon women come to sell food or drinks they have prepared and there are games. Finally, there is a dance (although this upset some Evangelicals) to keep the kids entertained until around 5 pm when the flag comes down, firecrackers are set off and everyone marches.

There's always a "carrera de cinta"

At the end of the day everyone lines up outside to prepare for taking the flag down

Ready with the flag to begin the march

The school leads the community in a march after taking the flag down

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