Friday, September 11, 2009

Greenhouse Project

With leftover money from the improved stoves project, an organized group of farmers and I were able to finish building a greenhouse in one of the neighborhoods of Nueva Esperanza called Las Olominas. World Vision had initiated this project but was unable to provide everything. They ended up being short approximately 20 bags of cement, two rolls of chicken wire, 1,000 bricks, and so on. All in all, about 15,000 Lempiras. In two trips to Gracias, we were able to purchase the materials they were missing and get them up the mountain. The greenhouse is going to be used by the group of farmers that installed the irrigation system in Nueva Esperanza. Each farmer will get a part of the greenhouse where they will germinate their horticulture seeds. Here is a photo of the greenhouse:

My Project Manager, Menelio, came out to see the greenhouse

Now that there is the irrigation system in Nueva Esperanza, the farmers are learning to grow all different kinds of vegetables they have never grown before. Many institutions have taken interest in their work and are planning on helping them in many different areas (hence the greenhouse). The goal is to sell their vegetables in the markets and in bigger cities. They still have a ways to go, but hopefully they can eventually generate a steady income from their plots of land!

The irrigation system in action

Adrian taking a break from planting onions.

Don Virgilio enjoying the water of the irrigation system

Virgilio peeling me a piece of sugar cane to ¨chupar¨(suck) while touring Otolaca

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