Thursday, September 11, 2008

The after-party consequences

Another tradition in Lempira is an alcoholic drink called “chicha”. In the past, the drink was made for celebrations such as a wedding but drunk in responsible quantities, maybe two cups. But now, it’s just another means to get drunk, especially during Día de Lempira. In Gracias, I saw my friend Edwin at the fair. He was with a bunch of friends and the last thing he told me was “Be careful with your purse, there are a lot of robbers here.” Ironically, it was he who should have been careful with the robbers. Late that night, Edwin bumped into some guys who wanted to go to the hot springs right outside of Gracias. Edwin decided to go and jumped in the back of the car. On the way out to the hot springs, the car crashed. Fortunately, everyone was okay, even Edwin even though he was in the back. The guys told him to wait with the car while they went to get help. When the police arrived, Edwin figured the other guys had sent them. But really they had come because they were looking for the car Edwin was waiting next to because it was stolen. Edwin was taken to prison and faced up to 13 years in prison, just for a stolen car that he didn’t steal! And here in Honduras, the police just look for someone to blame and call it good if no one says otherwise. There’s no thorough investigation. Luckily, Edwin had some friends who talked to the owner of the stolen car. After Edwin offered to pay for all the damages, if he dropped the charges and Edwin was set free. Hopefully a lesson was learned after that night.

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