Monday, September 8, 2008


And finally, once you crack the inside part open, its a baby coconut!
This page is going to be dedicated to all the different foods of Honduras that I have gotten to try. After a year in, I think I have a good grasp of what is around during which months. More to come later!

Totoposte, like a squash and excelent in soup!

The inside of the totoposte

Zapote, my new favorite fruit

The inside of the zapote, it is really sweet and has the texture almost like an avocado

Zapote, again

Mazapan, or breadfruit . . . which I will never try again because I was puking all night after eating

The inside of the mazapan

Mazapan is eaten sliced and then fried, maybe it was the grease that made me sick. Who knows.

Yummy bread. Served with coffee is my favorite afternoon snack!

A pear

Guineos morados


Malanga 2

Maracuya (passionfruit)

The inside of maracuya

Datiles, miniature bananas

Flor de izote, the flower that grows on the top of an izote tree

To prepare the flor de izote, you take all the flowers off of the plant and put them in a pot with a little bit of oil and salt. You fry this for a little bit and then add egg. You can also add tomato or onions or other vegetables. Served with tortillas and a side of beans.

A guanabana


Banano (there are about 7 different types of bananas here!)

Coyoles. So this is how you eat them. First, the outside is hard which you have to crack open with a knife or with your teeth.

Once you peel the outside off, there is a yellow chewy fruit inside that kind of reminds me of sweet oatmeal when eating it. It surrounds a small hard ball.

After the fruit is eaten, you throw the little ball into a fire for about 5 minutes. Once the ball is black, you take it out and crack it open.

Inside is a baby coconut!

Tamales de pollo (chicken tamales)


pineconeboy said...

Oh man, you're killing me. Zapotes and those green squashes are pretty much my favorite things of all time.

Leslie said...

Those little bananas are so cute! I want one when I come visit!

noemi said...

I am honduran and I think you confused the totoposte with ayote. The totoposte is a round baked kind of little donut made of dry cheese and yellow corn flour.
Also the purple or red banana shown is called moroca.

You did good anyway. Thanks