Friday, May 29, 2009

Construction fun

So since the rainy season has started, people that didn’t get a chance to finish the building they wanted to do during the dry season this year have to protect their adobe (mud bricks) or they will ruin in the storms. My friend and neighbor, Irene, Juan’s brother, was planning on starting to build his house this year but because of his studies in the university, didn’t get a chance to start. So I helped him with Martir (who built my fence) to cover the adobe with nylon and a roof of tejas and zinc. I have never helped put tejas on a roof before so it was a learning experience for me and a lot of fun hanging out with my friends. It’s moments like these that I will miss dearly when I leave.

Martir and I


Perfectly laid tejas

Me learning to lay tejas


The neighbors' kids watching and probably wondering what the heck I'm doing (hey, I'm used to that by now)

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