Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye summer!

A view from the top: Looking down on Nueva Esperanza where the rain is starting to fall heavily

This last week marked the end of the dry season. What were benign, white clouds that first started to appear in the brilliant, blue sky about a month ago have gradually turned into the dark gray ones full of water. And finally they burst. We had a couple of hard storms come through that turned the roads into slippery mud (I was walking home the other day and just as I was thinking about how slick it was and that I should be extra careful not to fall . . . I landed on my butt and got my pants, bag, and shoes all muddy.)

I used to love the sound of rain on the roof because it was so peaceful and I felt so safe inside a cozy home. Now, even though I still love the rain and usually go outside to my patio to watch it fall, the sound of it when I am inside my room bothers me. When the big storms come, there isn’t the security that you’re gonna stay dry as you do in the states. I have to make sure I get everything valuable like my computer and camera stored away. I also have to tightly seal any food that is out and hide anything made of paper so it doesn’t get wet. The worst feeling is cold raindrops on your face when you are trying to fall asleep at night.

But the rain also turns everything green which is good news for crops and the cows and horses. Nueva Esperanza has been very dry and the animals were really suffering to find enough grass to eat and water to drink. Many people were talking about how their animals were suffering and some lost their animals to lack of food. The green grass and mountain also reminds me of the beauty of home in Oregon, making me nostalgic and eager to return home. (Less than five months away!)

Elias walking fast with corn to feed the hungry cows.

The rain flooding onto my patio

Gray skies

It hails in Honduras?!

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