Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go Honduras!!

Anyone following the World Cup qualifications? Well, Honduras survived the first cut and is fighting to make the top five that will go on to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa this year. Every two months or so the Selection team plays in San Pedro Sula. I went the first time to see Honduras beat Jamaica and the game was awesome!

In January, Honduras was scheduled to play Mexico in San Pedro again. This was the BIG game. If we didn’t win, then we were OUT!! So you can imagine how packed the stands were. Nine of us volunteers got together to go watch. This game happened a while ago but it took me a while to get the photos from others. We had to fight to get enough room for all of us to sit together, and then we got poured on and were soaked the whole night. But when we beat Mexico, I think all of San Pedro shook with the energy and excitement coming from the stadium.

Kyler and Bryce

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