Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer photos Jan-March 2009

Milton and me

A wedding in Nueva Esperanza in the Evangelical Church

The wedding celebration.

Food served at the wedding

My friend Juan hanging out

Ursula burning the hairs off a chicken for dinner

A small summer construction project for me . . . Nelo putting in an electroducha! Yay hot showers!

A full ride headed out of La Esperanza. This is how it's done when you don't have a car and you need to get home.

Sugar cane harvest time

Fire cooking the sugar cane juice.

The sugar cane juice boiling down to make "dulce" or "miel"

I visited my friend's tomato farm which has been running for three years. Other farmers started experimenting with tomatoes this last year as well although some crops were lost to plagues.

Mangoes almost ready to be eaten!

Yup! All those little green ovals are mangoes! I eat mangoes everyday . . . I know you're jealous!

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