Monday, November 9, 2009

Honduras Favorites

Some of these photos have already been posted earlier in this blog and, while I took the majority of these photos, I can't take credit for all of them. However, I do believe they were all taken by someone who has seen Honduras as a stranger, tourist, helper, worker, and most importantly, community member. From the touristy sites, to special moments and the unique culture of my village, to records of accomplished work, and to just having a camera at the exact right time, these photos really represent my two years in Peace Corps. They reflect the side of Honduras that not many people get to see and that I was so fortunate to experience in the last two years. I'm so happy I have these photos to remember my time here. Although, anyone who has been here knows that you can't ever really forget Honduras.


My project manager inspecting the newly built greenhouse

Waves coming in at sunset in Tela

Slingshot contest - one of the various outside activities to entertain people until sundown on Independence Day when the flag is lowered

Pineapple ready to eat

Making a clay pot

Selling bread

Firing pottery in an oven

Mangroves at Punta Izopo

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens

La Campa

Sunset on Honduras' Independence Day


"Guitaron" or giant guitar for religious ceremony

Grinding corn to make tortillas for lunch

William and Karen eating "pastelitos"

Waterfall that provides water for my village

The beach at Tela

Two girls headed home

Girl playing at home

Red flower

Firing clay pots in the traditional Lencan way

Cultivated crops on steep slopes

Reina helping Diana grind corn

Cross overlooking the pueblo

Copan Ruinas Mayan artifact

Coffee plant almost ready for picking

Coffee beans

River in Celaque (meaning "box of water") National Park

Fire on Celaque blocked out the sun

Giant ceiba tree

Worn paths in Nueva Esperanza

Confetti at Carnaval in La Ceiba

The kids never got tired of me taking their picture!

Becky making a doctor's visit not as scary


One happy baby

Heading home from work and finding a friend