Friday, September 11, 2009

Counting Down . . . But Making It Count

When I was getting ready to leave for Honduras on July 2007, two years seemed like such a long commitment. I know a few people who have told me they would like to do Peace Corps but wish the term was shorter. But now I have two weeks left and inevitably have had to start thinking about the end. Even if I didn’t want to think about the day I have to leave, I can’t help it. I dream about being back in the states or the move to Teguz. During my classes when my students are working on an in-class assignment, I have my notebook handy so I can scribble down reminders of things I need to do or items I want to give away before I leave.

Now with so little time left, I’m trying to make every day count. I don’t want today to be the last day that I see certain people. But I know that is the case for some who live far away or that I don’t see very often; and already some people are thanking me for the time I was here and hope that I travel safely.

To make my time here count, I have started to try to think more like a tourist, or how I was when I first arrived. What would I have wanted to do here if I were just visiting for a few days? One: Take lots of photos, so I have pulled my camera out again to the excitement of the children, and adults, and everyone really. Two: I’ve worked enough with the business side of the pottery but I never actually made anything. So I decided to try my luck at being an actual Lencan potter! Herminia and Nicolas started giving me pottery lessons. First, we made two bowls because I don’t have any good deep bowls to eat my cereal in every morning. Then, we made a pot or “olla”. Here´s some photos of the fun!

Our traditional Lencan pots (of course the real traditional ones are about 30 times bigger than these)

Nicolas helping me with my pottery

The red dirt they use to make the paint

Me putting the first coat of paint on

Herminia making lunch after our not-so-hard work

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Unknown said...

Thank you for these photos and for your thoughts and feelings about leaving Honduras. My son just left 6 days ago for his Honduran Peace Corps experience. As you know, I don't hear from him nearly as often as I wish! I hope your experience in Tegucigalpa at the USAID office is also rewarding.
Georgette Bartell